By Frank Vyan Walton

As I had diaried last week based on report from David Corn in Mother Jones, and former MI6 operative had discovered information that Russian intelligence has been attempting to cultivate Donald Trump as an asset for the last five years and had gather compromising information with which to blackmail him with.  This information was turned over to the FBI and what CNN has reported today is that the CIA and FBI have found this British agents sources credible enough to include them in a two page summary that was part of the classified briefing materials given the President-Elect Trump last friday as part of their report on the widespread and comprehensive Russian hacking and disinformation campaign intended to benefit Trump in the election.

Buzzfeed has posted the 35 page document summarizing the data that was provided to the FBI and some of the details of this memo are sizzling.


And we’ve learned so much more about the Kompromat-Elect today.