investigated by WATP

While I don’t have time to be directly involved in the various activities in the community, I keep up with the daily news. Many people rush to my small satellite office in Jackson Heights when in danger.

Sometimes, despite my reluctance, I have to say “no” because I do not know the solutions to those problems or I do not have the time and resources needed. Many people in distress do not have money on-hands to retain services, and at times, they do not understand the gravity of their problem.

One day, a man suddenly appeared in my office. He was having problems with his wife and so he went to a lawyer. The lawyer took his money but he did nothing. Instead, the lawyer is hanging out with the man’s wife, and the gentleman even followed his wife and the lawyer to a motel.

I looked at his papers, carefully. Suddenly, while examining the documents, I began to doubt the authenticity of the three signatures. So, I asked the gentleman whether the three signatures were his. The gentleman said at first sight that the three signatures were not his. I told him to look good again. He looked at it carefully and said, “Brother, I’ve seen it well, these are not my signatures.”

Mohammad Mujumdar forged all three signatures and notarized the papers himself again. He has not stopped doing these illegal and unethical things.