We Are The Peoples Report:

Under the direction of an Awami League Member of the Parliament named, Nizam Hazari of Feni, Bangladesh, a housewife and a mother was raped by dozens and murdered.

Nizam Hazari, a miscreant, lowlife and a murderer became close with the head of the illegal government of Bangladesh, Hasina Sheikh. Couple of month ago, Hasina Sehikh nominated Nizam Hazari to run for Member of the Parliament from Feni District. At the time of the election, Nizam Hazari declared in public meetinsg that he does everything Prime Minister Hasina Sheikh orders him to do and if anyone challenges his work or authority will die.

On December 30th 2018, Nizam Hazari won the election by stealing ballot boxes the night before the election. His armed mercenaries have raped and killed countless under-aged girls in instances where helpless parents failed to pay ransom.

On or about January 14th 2019, above mentioned incident took place. Nizam Hazari ordered his armed mercenaries to go to this unidentified woman’s house and ask for ransom. Her husband lives abroad. Once she refused to pay ransom, Nizam Hazari ordered the head of his armed group named OMAR FARUK to do anything and everything in order to collect ransom. Then Omar Faruk  along with 11 armed gang raped the woman simultaneously while her little child was in the same room and crying.  After rape, Omar Faruk and his team killed her. They stole jewelries worth of 10 lakhs taka (about $13,000 US Dollar). On their way out, they also took her dead body and disposed of it in the nearby jungle.

None of the Bangladeshi media is publishing this story because most of them are beneficiaries and collaborators of this bloodthirsty regime and some of them are scared of Hasina Sheikh and her armed mafia group.

History repeats itself. Bangladeshis have not forgotten that under  Sheikh Mujib regime, same types of atrocities used to take place in broad daylight. Now under his daughter Hasina Sheikh’s regime similar atrocities are taking place every day in Bangladesh.